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Name Date Size Mod Type
Hexery 10/9/03 1.0 MB None DM
Hockey-Life 8/10/02 1.4 MB None Teamplay Only
Frag-n-fly 3/19/02 300 K None Teamplay
Unearth 10/29/01 3.4 MB None DM
VB2 5/11/01 682 K AHL DM

----- Half-Life -----

Date: 10/9/03 1.0 MB
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A medium-sized arena with a techno-alien theme. The map is designed for fast-paced action, and it works well as a duel map. Players start out with a full weapons loadout and a long-jump module, which means less time searching, and more time fighting. =)

(Hexery is a remake of Nefarious, a map that W1s3.wad made but never got around to releasing.)

Date: 8/10/02 1.4 MB
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A teamplay-only map of a fully-functional hockey rink. It has a scoring system, Gatorade jugs to give you health, there is an online FAQ, the audience chats randomly, and you can mow down your enemies with a Zamboni. Players start with only a crowbar, but every 3 rounds everyone gets weapons. The Mario Lemieux and Mark Messier hockey player models are included with the map.

If you downloaded from a server and didn't get the player models, Click Here.

Date: 3/19/02 300 K
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A very large goal-based teamplay deathmatch map geared towards clans and hardcore players. The map is 32 stories high with 5 symmetric levels consisting of platforms and ladders. Players start at the bottom and make their way up to the goal at the top, and prevent the other team from reaching it. 20 frags are awarded to the team or individual who reaches it.


Alien Unearthing
Date: 10/29/01 3.4 MB
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A large deathmatch level of an alien ship submerged at the bottom of the ocean. The level is very dark, so remember to use your flashlight. It is designed to work well with any number of players. It was made for normal Half-Life deathmatch, but you can try it with whatever mod you want.

----- Action Half-Life -----

Date: 5/11/01 682 K
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An AHL map based on a tech lab I used to "work" at. The map is quite small, but there are plenty of hiding places. I recommend 2 to 4 players for a good game. The black security monitors are fully-functional, and the cameras may be shot down. To open doors, press the USE key. There are also some easter egg messages...

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